Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Keep Off Your Worry About Hair Loss

About 85% men suffer with hair loss due to environmental, genetical and health issues. The presence of DHT or Di- Hydro Testosterone in hair follicles cause hair loss. As the hair follicles become inactive, the initial hair thinning quickly turns to baldness and stops producing hair. That’s why it is recommended to treat the hair loss in the initial stage itself.

The root causes for hair loss are:

Inhibiting hair production leads to hair follicles degeneration and causes the thinner, finer hairs production. In the mean time it results with the cessation and death of hair follicles.

Androgen receptors are the entrance way through which testosterone penetrates into the hair follicle cells.  After entering into the follicle cells testosterone involves in an enzymatic reaction by which Di-Hydro Testosterone (DHT) is produced. This DHT is the root cause for hair loss.

Hair follicle cells contain 5-alpha reductase (5AR) enzyme that converts testosterone to form DHT. It interacts with the hair follicle DNA, triggers the genes responsible for hair loss and pulls down the hair growth.

Male hair loss treatment:

Revivogen contains natural and harmless ingredients that help to stop the hair loss. The main ingredient, anti-DHT reach the hair follicles and deters DHT production, decreases hair loss.

The topical application is advised for twice a day to see visible results. Out of its anti-DHT property, Revivogen gives noticeable results in single application itself. In order to stop hair loss, the scalp therapy should be administered each night before bed time and it is necessary to apply Bio-Cleansing Shampoo and Thickening Conditioner every morning.

Oral anti-DHT medications have powerful side effects whereas Revivogen is applied only on the hair scalp that deters the hair loss with no side effects. Oral anti-DHT might pull down the sexual desire with decreasing DHT.

A researched study showed that the anti-DHT ingredients present in Revivogen are efficient in DHT controlling than the prescribed medicines for hair loss.

Revivogen is one of the popular Hair Loss Treatment products. It treats the hair loss problem from the root cause by stopping DHT production. Our treatment yields the outstanding results and does not produce any side effects.

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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Revivogen Revealing Formation Science To Customers

Revivogen is an easily usable product having no side effects made of natural ingredients. The use of Revivogen is a clinically proven treatment to stop as well as reversing the hair loss effects. Revivogen follows an easy three step regimen with clear cut advantage in comparison to other similar products over the counter.

Here we reveal you the formation science of Revivogen. Our product Revivogen is a clinically proven product that addresses the various causes of hair loss and hair thinning. Revealing you the science behind the formation of our product will increase your trust and thereby realize you why this is a best treatment for your hair loss.

Ingredients in revivogen:

Revivogen involves all those natural ingredients that enhances the growth of your hair follicles. This contains those active components which inhibits the production of enzyme 5 alpha reductase that escalate the growth of production DTH. Revivogen blocks the androgen receptors and thereby helps in growth of natural and healthy hair. These active ingredients include, Gamma linolenic acid (GLA), Alpha linolenic acid (ALA), linolenic acid, oleic acid, zinc, azelaic acid, vitamin 36, beta-sitosterol, saw palmetto extract and procyanidin oligomers. Revivogen is the only product that contains all these elements creating an easy to use topical regimen.

We offer you the best solution to hair loss issues, boosting your confidence and grace. Revivogen is a pathway that heightens the style of your  persuasion.

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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Revivogen Products : Instant Solution For Your Hair Loss

Hair experts will always suggest that for a healthier hair one need to step away from the styling tools and to wash it less often. But clean hair is a nonnegotiable and can influence one's personality. So healthier as well as clean hair became a unavoidable thing for a person's look and personality. Here is some products that can help you to achieve a healthier hair.

Revivogen, a scientifically proven solution for hair loss, that is designed to stop the root cause of hair loss without the harmful side effects as like other hair loss treatments. Revivogen’s proven, natural ingredients deliver results without side effects.

Revivogen works because of its two unique properties :

1) Effective & Safe ingredients

2) An advanced delivery system.

Revivogen Bio-Cleansing Shampoo

  • Formulated specially from natural ingredients to inhibit both Type 1 and Type 2 forms of 5-Alpha Reductase and decrease DHT pr. 
  • Promotes fuller, healthier and thicker hair. 
  • Cleanses hair and scalp thoroughly. 
  • Can be used safely by both men & women. 
  • The hormones that are linked to male pattern baldness are eliminated. 
  • Hair loss is prevented and increases the strength of hair from the root. 
  • Healthy hair growth is booted by providing appropriate environment

Revivogen Scalp Therapy 

  • Natural Ingredient and hence no side effects. 
  • Blocks the DHT hormone which is responsible for hair loss. 
  • Conversion of testosterone to DHT is blocked. 
  • Revivogen Scalp Therapy stimulates the hair follicles to go into growth phase. 
  • 88% success rate in clinical studies. 
  • Improvement in 90 days 
  • Reverses hair thinning to its appearance 3-5 years before! 

Revivogen Scalp Therapy Spray

  • Revivogen Scalp Therapy Spray is more effective hence this can be applied or sprayed directly on the problem area. 
  • Just one or two sprays are enough for an area the size of your palm. For a larger area of thinning hair, use 10-20 sprays to cover the entire scalp. 
  • Here the ingredients are same as that of Revivogen Scalp Therapy. 

Revivogen Complete Therapy

  • Revivogen Complete Therapy includes the combined use of Revivogen Scalp Therapy & Revivogen Bio-cleansing Shampoo. 
  • This complete therapy pack includes 2 x Revivogen Scalp Therapy & 2 x 360 ml. Bio Cleansing Shampoo.

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Thursday, 17 March 2016

How Revivogen is Different

Regardless the gender discrimination, both men and women are equally conscious about their hair. Hair loss is a common problem among all despite of the age. All are rushing here and there to find out a solution for the hair loss. A Perfect solution for all problem can be attained through Revivogen. How Revivogen is different from other products available over-the-counter and / or prescription medications is a matter to be discussed.

Revivogen is a clinically proven treatment to stop hair loss. One of the best available Hair Loss Treatment in India 
  • It is formulated using natural and most potent anti-DHT constituents. Side effects are reduced by using handpicked ingredients which are certified by board certified dermatologists.
  • Easy to Use : Revivogen is to be applied only once day before going to bed and Bio-Cleansing Shampoo and Thickening Conditioner are applied each morning.In other treatments application is to be done twice.
  • No Systemic side Effects: Compared to other anti-DHT medications Revivogen which is applied on scalp does not have any side effects.
  • It is proved clinically that the Anti-DHT present in revivogen has an effect in stopping DHT which is the main cause of hair loss.
  • Active Ingredients reach the hair follicles and thus prevent DHT.

Revivogen Contains all natural components such as alpha linolenic acid (ALA), gamma linolenic acid (GLA), oleic acid, linoleic acid, azelaic acid, zinc, vitamin B6, saw palmetto extract, beta-sitosterol and procyanidin oligomers which are the components that helps in inhibiting DHT, the main cause of hair loss.
The presence of all these components together make Revivogen different from all other medications.

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Monday, 4 January 2016

Best Solution for Hairloss

Every day you lose 50 to 100 hairs normally,  New hair will grow at same time so it doesn’t cause any noticeable thinning of scalp or baldness.
The exact cause of hair loss is unknown but it is related to some of following factors:
  • Hereditary ( Family History)
  • Hormonal changes
  • Medical condition
  • Medications

Hereditary ( Family History)
It is a most common cause of hair loss which is also known as male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness. Mainly the male pattern baldness or hair loss is affected based on family history and age.Hair loss in a man's father play an important role in increasing risk of hair loss in men.
Hormonal Changes
Hormones are most important part of your body to prevent hair loss. Hormonal changes or imbalance will cause temporary hair loss. Hormonal changes will occur due to pregnancy, childbirth,onset of menopause and also thyroid problem also cause hair loss.
Scalp infections
Scalp infections like ringworm etc will cause scalp infections and hair loss. if you treated the infections once hair will grows back.
Sometimes medications will cause unwanted side effects like Certain drugs can contribute to excess hair growth, changes in hair color or texture, or hair loss.
Revivogen products for hair loss is very effective to reducing hair fall without any side effects. It  will nourish the hair, makes less prone to drying, damaging or breaking.You can use our product as a solution for hair loss.  Hair therapy for hair is suitable for all hair types and that prevents hair breakage of hair and makes it more smooth and shiny.  It sinks deep into the scalp, and nourishes it, strengthens the roots to the tips and makes the hair healthy. It also improves the texture of the hair and prevents any kind of dryness. Revivogen is made up of natural ingredients. It have no side effects and very easy to use. Revivogen is an effective and powerful Products for Skin and Hair Problem like hair fall and dandruff.

Friday, 11 December 2015

Myths in hair loss !!


People are always skeptical about the myths that are sprawled with regarding to the hair fall. Nowadays people are more aware of their aesthetic view. Along with the incline of aesthetic view, myths regarding the hair fall has also increased. But there is a certain point where myth and reality shake their hand and it's the natural hair grow products.
#Myth 1
Defective blood circulation source hair flow
Whenever market introduce a new product people are on to it.They try those stuffs in their physical body. Increased blood circulation is often termed by some of the hair fall products in our country. Only few people know that the blood circulation have nothing to do with the hair fall.
#Myth 2
Choked follicles cause hair flow
Hair grow products and shampoos often claim that they open the clogged follicles and help to grow the hair and stop the hair loss. We must understand that the choked follicles helps to ingrow hairs.
#Myth 3
Lack of nourishments cause hair fall
Often certain insufficiency in food may cause hair fall, certain hair care products boost their product using this technique. But this supplementaries never helps to grow our hair.
#Myth 4
Mites & other organisms are our enemy !!
Mites are often blamed for our hair loss. But till now there is no scientific proof to prove it. So products that claim which kill mites will never help to grow our hair.
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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Revivogen : Effective Solution for Hair Problems

Either for men or women, hair fall or hair loss is common nowadays. We cannot exactly pinpoint the reason behind it, however we cannot ignore certain reasons such as hereditary, severe stress & strain, damage of hair cells and so on. As technology developed, there are so many techniques to reduce hair falls. There are some natural products which outweighs the advantages of technologically-evolved procedures. But before going on to a solution, we must know the type of hair loss we have. The actual pattern of hair loss in women is different than in men.
Mainly male hair loss can be characterized into four:
  • Pattern  hair loss
  • Alopecia areata
  • Telogen effluvium
  • Traction alopecia

Pattern Hair Loss
Pattern hair loss is inherited from parents and is an usual source of hair fall in men. Early symptoms cover hair thinning that may randomly proceed to bald spots.
Alopecia Areata
This is seen in both adults and children. This is distinguished by fall of hair in spot on the scalp. It may start and stop suddenly and is produced when the hair follicles are stormed by the immune system.
Telogen Effluvium
This type of hair loss is characterized by the exfoliating of hair from the total scalp area. Iron and protein deficiency, thyroid problems, anaemia, surgery or illness may lead to Telogen Effluvium. It can be diagnosed and corrected in 6 to 12 months time.
Traction Alopecia
Traction alopecia is mainly because of the incline of stress and strain on the hair follicles. It may prevent hair to regrow.

Hair loss in women is generally considered by the medical profession as neither serious, nor life threatening. However, to the sufferer it causes a great deal of distress. Often the hair loss is only apparent to the sufferer, since only they know how their hair used to be.

The most common type of female hair loss are
  • Diffuse hair loss
  • Genetic hair loss
  • Alopecia areata
Other hair problems are ringworm, hair loss caused by traction, hair breakage and patches of baldness etc.
We introduce a new product named “revivogen” for skin and hair problems such as hair loss.
What is it? Revivogen is a most powerful and effective solution for skin and hair problems such as hair loss. Revivogen is 100% natural and thus have no side effects.
Our products depend on scientific analysis and revolutionary medical breakthroughs and are  designed to recover from a variety of skin and hair problems safely and effectively.

  • Revivogen is made up of natural ingredients.
  • It has no side effects and it is easy to use.
  • Featuring an easy to use solution that uses natural ingredients without any systemic side effects to hair fall.
  • Clinically proven treatment to stop and reverse the effects of hair loss.
  • Revivogen  follows 3 steps with clear-cut benefits in comparison to similar products available over-the-counter.

Revivogen is applied on the scalp to stop hair fall and it does not have any side effects as compared to oral anti-DHT medications. Decrease in DHT may cause side effects such as loss of libido in men due to oral anti-DHT medications. Anti-DHT ingredients present in revivogen are very effective in controlling DHT prescriptions and medications.

Not only do these products give you beautiful, vibrant looking hair, they actually help to support healthy hair growth..

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